What caused the UE error?

When your Samsung washing manchine screen display the UE error code, it informs you that “Unbalanced error – The load in the drum is unbalanced.”.

How to fix the UE error?

Follow the prompts to check your Samsung washing machine again and follow the prompts to fix it.
• This is not a fault. The appliance is detecting an unbalanced load and is stopping the spin for safety reasons.
• To help prevent this from occurring please redistribute washing by adding or removing items to ensure a more balance load.
• Single large/heavy items such as bath mats or large towels are unlikely to spin on their own so please add 2/3 additional towels and put on another spin cycle.

Hope this method solves your problem with washing machines. If not solved, don’t worry, you can find more ways to solve this problem here:http://www.errscodes.com/washing-machine-error-codes/


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