SCN Error Codes

SCN(Oracle System Change Number) is logical , internal timestamp used by Oracle Database. SCNs order events that occur within the database, which is necessary to satisfy the ACID properties of a transaction.

ORA-01203 wrong incarnation of this file – wrong creation SCN
ORA-01281 SCN range specified in dbms_logmnr.start_logmnr() is invalid
ORA-01293 time or SCN range not fully contained in the listed logfiles
Cause: The dictionary materialized view was taken at a SCN that does not correspond to the creation SCN of the earliest logfile.
Cause: The input date/SCN range is not fully contained within the logfiles specified for the session.
ORA-01370 Specified restart SCN is too old
ORA-01721 USERENV(COMMITSCN) invoked more than once in a transaction
ORA-01725 USERENV(‘COMMITSCN’) not allowed here
ORA-04018 invalid value string for parameter _scn_scheme
ORA-04019 SCN scheme incompatible with other instances
ORA-04935 unable to get/convert SCN recovery lock
ORA-07820 sspscn: SYS$CRELNM failure
ORA-08209 scngrs: SCN not yet initialized
ORA-08320 scnget: Call to scnget before scnset or scnfnd.
ORA-08322 scnmin: open/convert of bias lock failed
ORA-08323 scnmin: close of bias lock failed
ORA-09701 scnfy: maximum number of processes exceeded
ORA-16101 a valid start SCN could not be found
ORA-16114 applying DDL transaction with commit SCN string
ORA-16119 building transaction at SCN string
ORA-16120 dependencies being computed for transaction at SCN string
ORA-16121 applying transaction with commit SCN string
ORA-16122 applying large dml transaction at SCN string
ORA-16759 Resource guard unable to start logical apply engine with initial SCN
ORA-19628 invalid SCN range
ORA-19629 no files in specified archivelog SCN range
ORA-19640 datafile checkpoint is SCN string time string
ORA-19641 backup datafile checkpoint is SCN string time string
ORA-19642 incremental-start SCN is string
ORA-19643 datafile string: incremental-start SCN is too recent
ORA-19644 datafile string: incremental-start SCN is prior to resetlogs SCN string
ORA-19645 datafile string: incremental-start SCN is prior to creation SCN string
ORA-19648 datafile string: incremental-start SCN equals checkpoint SCN
ORA-19650 Offline-range record recid string stamp string in file string has SCN string
ORA-19651 cannot apply offline-range record to datafile string: SCN mismatch
ORA-19706 invalid SCN
ORA-19720 Error occurred when converting an OCI number into an SCN
ORA-19734 wrong creation SCN – control file expects converted plugged-in datafile
ORA-19735 wrong creation SCN – control file expects initial plugged-in datafile
ORA-26686 cannot capture from specified SCN
ORA-26687 no instantiation SCN provided
ORA-29322 SCN string size too long — maximum size 58 bytes/characters
ORA-31408 illegal value specified for begin_scn or end_scn
ORA-32333 disable table scn update for Materialized view
RMAN-05033: Media recovery start SCN is string
RMAN-05034: Recovery must be done beyond SCN string to clear datafile fuzziness
RMAN-05035: archived logs generated after SCN string not found in repository
RMAN-05038: unable to determine UNTIL SCN for TRANSPORT
RMAN-05050: flashing back control file to SCN string
RMAN-05073: Tablespace string creation SCN string is ahead of point-in-time SCN string
RMAN-05074: Tablespace string does not exist at specified point-in-time SCN string
RMAN-05530: an UNTIL TIME or SCN cannot be specified with FROM ACTIVE DATABASE
RMAN-05545: WARNING: Until SCN string is ahead of SCN of last full resync of recovery catalog: string
RMAN-05556: not all datafiles have backups that can be recovered to SCN string
RMAN-05560: Using previous duplicated file string for datafile number with checkpoint SCN of string
RMAN-06025: no backup of archived log for thread number with sequence number and starting SCN of string found to restore
RMAN-06054: media recovery requesting unknown archived log for thread string with sequence string and starting SCN of string
RMAN-06102: no channel to restore a backup or copy of archived log for thread number with sequence number and starting SCN of string
RMAN-06118: a backup control file older than SCN string must be used for this recovery
RMAN-06146: changes found for file number beyond offline SCN
RMAN-06151: datafile string creation SCN string
RMAN-06457: UNTIL SCN (string) is ahead of last SCN in archived logs (string)
RMAN-06556: datafile string must be restored from backup older than SCN string
RMAN-06754: INCREMENTAL FROM SCN option is not supported with [string]
RMAN-06755: WARNING: datafile string: incremental-start SCN is too recent; using checkpoint SCN string instead
RMAN-06904: backup of archived log for thread number with sequence number and starting SCN of string was cancelled
RMAN-06947: searching flashback logs for block images until SCN string
RMAN-08187: WARNING: media recovery until SCN string complete
RMAN-20045: must specify FORMAT for BACKUP INCREMENTAL FROM SCN command
EXP-00095: Flashback_time and Flashback_scn are not compatible
NID-00127: All online files in the database must have the same checkpoint SCN
QSM-02192: commit SCN based MV log is not in consistent state
QSM-02193: unsupported MV on commit SCN based MV logs