The following is the ORA-22281 error message, you can learn the cause and solution of the Oracle database error.

ORA-22281 cannot perform operation with an updated locator

Cause: The input locator has buffering enabled and was used to update the LOB value through the LOB buffering subsystem. The modified buffer has not been flushed since the write that was performed by the input locator; thus, the input locator is considered an updated locator. Updated locators cannot be the source of a copy operation. Only one locator per LOB may be used to modify the LOB value through the LOB buffering subsystem.

Solution: Depending on whether the modifications made through the input locator to the LOB buffering subsystem should be written to the server, either flush the buffer to write the modifications, or, disable buffering on the locator to discard the modifications. Then, reissue the command.


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