The following is the ORA-16626 error message, you can learn the cause and solution of the Oracle database error.

ORA-16626 failed to enable specified object

Cause: This status is returned when the broker fails to enable an object (most typically a standby site). You can expect to see this status when attempting to enable a standby site that:

  • Cannot locate itself in the configuration
  • Fails to distiguish itself from two or more site objects in the configuration
  • Determines it was not part of a change of primary due to failover

Solution: To correct the problem, try one of these actions:

  • Confirm that the host and SID names you specified when you created the site exactly match the values in the HOST_NAME and INSTANCE_NAME columns of V$INSTANCE.
  • Confirm that you have not created two or more sites with the same connect descriptor. That is, the site objects should not lead you to the same material site.
  • If you had performed a failover and have re-instantiated your old primary site (or standby site that had to be reinstantiated), then make sure the Data Guard Broker configuration files have been removed from that site. Do NOT remove the configuration files that are in use by the new primary.

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